Here it is the best money can buy built in Canada for the true Hotrodder, these are built for the 1955/56/57 Chevrolet, fits all models, “TRI FIVE ROAD HUGGER CHASSIS” included in the standard package is a new CNC Laser Cut Jig Welded replacement frame.There are no body or floor modifications, The front end is C4 Aluminum Corvette the Covette sway bar also used as well as the rubber brake lines.

The Corvette Chassis has the 11 inch Disc brakes Standard with a Quick ratio Rack and Pinion steering. In the rear is also a C4 Aluminum Independent package with Disc brakes that are standard as well as Positraction with a very heavy duty center K-Member, The frame is very stiff and works well for Convertibles as well.The exhaust and other items sit above the bottom of the frame rails for a very clean installation.

With this Chassis you now you have the ability to buy replacement parts at any auto parts stores across Canada. No more sourcing out custom pieces from the U.S, rotors-Brake lines and pads-U-joints, Tie rods are all readily available. This Chassis package turns any Tri-5 into a true Sports Car. Priced at $11000 and built in Tappan BC,Options available for extra dollars are as such: C5-13inch brake option front only $975 installed and Custom built stainless steel gas tanks fully baffled installed $960. or a Custom built Hydro Boost brake system with all Stainless steel Teflon lined hoses and Stainless steel custom fittings $875 or Drilled and Slotted Rotors for $75 each.

New to the BC Hot Rod scene, more photos.Motor not included nor are the wheels,frames start at $13900 and go up will add parts as you desire.Also frames for trucks and other models can be ordered $17,135